Santa Fe locomotives on Amtrak

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Santa Fe locomotives on Amtrak

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How long did the Amtrak "Chief" run with Santa Fe locomotives?

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Re: Santa Fe locomotives on Amtrak

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This is the Burlington Northern forum... I'll move your question to the Amtrak Forum.

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Re: Santa Fe locomotives on Amtrak

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July 1973 is when Amtrak placed the first of their SDP-40F's in revenue service.

From A-Day until Spring 1972, Amtrak had leased "Warbonnet' F-Units, but even if those locomotives "looked sharp', their relaibility was questionable. Thereafter, In an effort to improve on-time performance as well as to minimize the possibility of a "broken down Amtrak train tying up the railroad", AT&SF 'released' for Amtrak service, steam generator equipped FP-45's. Although these locomotives when delivered during 1967 were liveried in 'Warbonnet', subsequent to A-Day they had been repainted to ATSF "freight Blue' livery.

At times, there would be one unit each of a non steam generator F-45 and one of an FP-45; Santa Fe passenger equipment had less requirement for steam, especially during summer, as the Hi-Leverl cars all had internal "hotel' power generator units.

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Re: Santa Fe locomotives on Amtrak

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If you actually mean the Chief trains 19-20, it only ran that one summer, 1972-- so it always? had SFe F's. Like he said, Amtrak 3-4 got SDP40Fs in mid 1973.

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Re: Santa Fe locomotives on Amtrak

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And, until the arrival of the SDP-40Fs, the TEXAS CHIEF/LONE STAR often ran with UP E-8s/E-9s.

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Re: Santa Fe locomotives on Amtrak

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OK, folks. Asked and answered with some pretty good sources. Need it opened? PM me.

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