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  by nydepot
The bridges in the book are only listed if they are of truss design. So Sandusky must of been of another design.



  by thebigham

The Wyman Bridge was a wooden trestle.

Charles, have you ever tried to find any remains?

  by thebigham
thebigham wrote:A whole page on the TV&C along with some maps:

http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ny/county/a ... RRCuba.htm
This page has a lot of interesting info on the early operations of the TV&C.

nydepot had told me about the long trestle outside of Cuba and here it is comfirmed:

Oil Echo, Richburg, Monday, April 17, 1882

Work on the T.V. & C. R.R. between Cuba and Arcade is being rapidly pushed forward. President R.G. Taylor says that by the 1st of August trains will be running from Attica to Cuba. The work of constructing this road has been under the immediate supervision of Supt .Kirkpatrick, long and favorably known as supervisor of the Buffalo division of the N.Y. L. E. & W. railway and has been rapidly and exceptionably well done. The long trestle and bridge just out of Cuba is now completed and the iron laid across it. it is nearly half a mile in length and from 25 to 50 feet in height. The charge of this work was entrusted to J.H. Osborne - formerly of Erie, and is one of the most substantial structures of the kind in the state.

I wonder if a picture exists? Probably not since the railroad only operated to Cuba for 4 years.

  by RussNelson
Yes, those maps are truly excellent. I've used them to make this:
http://rutlandtrail.org/list.cgi?tonawa ... a.ny.track

If you load the GPX into into a GPS receiver, you should have little trouble locating the route when out in the field.

  by thebigham
Thanks, Russ!!
  by thebigham
Russ, I just rediscovered your possible TV&C row map here:

http://rutlandtrail.org/gmap.cgi?tonawa ... a.ny.track

Be sure to click on satellite photos to see the possible row on the satellite photos.

The row through Rushford looks good. Part of the row can be seen behind the Rushford school still.

Pat Connors has a great photo of a narrow gauge TV&C train in front of the big house that still stands next to Rt 238 in Rushford today.
  by Pete D
I would love to see that photo if it's possible to post it. For that matter I would love to see any TV&C photo, particularly in the Rushford area. All I've seen is a couple drawings of the shop area that the town historian has and a photocopy of a train near where the golf course is today. Last time I visited the town historian's office they had very little information on the TV&C as well.
Likewise, the historical society has almost nothing on the local railroads in the museum.
It's sad because the TV&C and B&S both had a big impact on the history of the town.

Pete D
  by thebigham
I think I found the TV&C grade between the B&S and the BR&P grades here just south of Scout Haven:

The garde to the right is the B&S. The TV&C is in the middle. The BR&P is to the left.

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  by BSOR Patarak
I think you are right Chris. I have been to that location and it sure looks like a small mound running right near the road. The TV&C crossed over the top of the BR&P just south of there. The B&S and TV&C tackled Fairview Hill differently. The B&S chose to go around it on the big curve toward Centerville, whereas the TV&C marched more straight up the hill and over. The old road bridge on 98 that crossed the BR&P was where the B&S crossed over. It then continued to curve onto what is today the B&S Road. The Goodyears did indeed buy the TV&C R.O.W, though they straightened it out and moved it in some places.