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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by clifford1
Papa - please share any more first hand stories you have of the S&NY!! I am sure there are many, including myself, who would love to hear more. I know you stated you have only one recollection, but any details, even minute, would be of interest!


Chris C.
  by loggingloco
S&NY tank car?
On a recent trip through Monroeton or Powel, Bradford county I saw what looked like a feed mill with an old riveted horizontal tank sitting out front near the road. The tank looked like it had come off an old rail tank car.
I did not have a camera or S&NY material with me. Does anyone know if this is an old tank car body? I know the S&NY had some for hauling wood alchohol.
  by loggingloco
Does anyone here have any info on the old roadbeds going up Milstone and Deep Hollow Creeks near Weston along the S&NY between Powel and Long Valley.
They would most certainly be old CPL logging railroad beds.
There is an old road bed near the concrete bridge on Deep Hollow Rd, a little south of were Deep Hollow joins Milstone. I followed this east along an unnamed stream. At least it"s unamed on USGS 7.5 min topsand PSGC maps. This road bed took me nearly to the top of Kellog Mtn.
I've seen what look like other roadbeds between here and Weston running along Milstone Creek. I'm trying to find out more on the lumbering of Kellog Mtn. Any info or leads would help.
  by Puttyhead
Here's a picture of a RR Crossing sign that my older siblings found along the side of the S&NY somewhere between Ellenton and Wheelerville in the early 70s. They repainted the letters and added one side rail that was missing and it's been hanging on the front of our house up there since.

My grandfather Lawrence Baumunk of Shunk, PA bought the entire track bed of the S&NY after all the rails were pulled. He sold or gave away most of it (a lot to the state) and now we own from the State Forest boundary between Maston and Ellenton north to the crossing at Wheelerville. This includes the Y that extends into a field from the 2nd bend north of the Ellenton crossing. The straight part of the Y has been turned into field. This section of the grade also had 2 sidings along it. One on the straight section just north of the Y and one as you approach Wheelerville. There's still evidence of where the ties were laid on these sections. We still find railroad spikes and bolts along the grade.

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  by Aa3rt
A very nice find Adam! Thanks for sharing the photo and the information.
  by setaf
I have the employee cards for most of the S&NY employees to include vital info as well as work history etc. if anyone needs a look up. My grandfather worked for the them from about 1913-1940 as a station agent, telegrapher etc. including stints at Laquin, Towanda, Masten and Ellenton. He later went to the LVRR until about 1955.