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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by BSOR Patarak

Here is a short 2 min clip of #14 on an excursion from 1975. This was in my family's old movie collection that I've been working on digitizing. The sound is from an earlier A&A recording that I over laid the video with. Enjoy!
  by Benjamin Maggi
Very nice Pat! As nice as #18 is, it sure makes me wish #14 was back in action. Completely different engines. And I just love the paint scheme on #14 from then. The cab shot of the fire is nice... too bad they don't allow cab tours in Curriers anymore.
  by khojnacki
Since I was the regular fireman that year, if you rode on a Saturday or Sunday, I was your fireman. In a view at the end of your video, it does look like me on the left side. Enjoyed the video.

BTW, for the Bicentennial the next year, the smoke box grab was painted red, white and blue along with various other parts. Manley couldn't see around the huge flags they put on the pilot so we had to tie them to the handrails. That RWB scheme lasted thru the end of the 1977 season, my last.
  by ctclark1
I still like 14's looks over 18, but that's just me (something about it looks more... majestic). I really wish A&A could come up with the money to rebuild her.