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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by gregleck
I recently purchased the old freight railroad station in Pen Argyl.

About three blocks south was another freight station, which is still standing. About a mile to the west is a large conglomeration of yards and buildings - a roundhouse, locomotive repair, and car barns. This was to be where Walmart was going in but it never happened.

A 1912 map of Pen Argyl shows a freight station 100 feet to the east of where my building now stands. The spot currently occupied by my building is shown as empty on the 1912 map. The address is 115 West Pennsylvania Avenue.

The station was used by Lehigh & New England, and at some point by Delaware, Lackawanna & Western as well.

How can I find out when this station was built? Where can I find a photograph of the station when it was in use? Can anyone point me in the direction of railway archives or record repositories where a photo may have survived?

  by roknrail
There is a Slate Belt Historical Society on Rt 611 in Mt Bethel. They have many photos of the past from across the area.

The library in Bangor is also reported to be a good source of info.

Congratulations on your purchase, We need vet in the area.
  by carajul
That area of Penn Argle you speak of was the LNE service facility. It was closed in 1961. There are many books and photos on it. Check amazon. Also you can look at old arial photos from 1938-present day at Penn Pilot.

Wal Mart was suppose to build there a few years ago but it never happened.
  by 69chargerse
You can look at aerial photos from this website, taken in 3 different eras. (1937-42; 57-62; 67-72) I don't know if they have one that focuses directly on the Pen Argyl area, but you might get close. It's pretty cool .
  by mediccjh
Another person you can talk to is Dale; he owns the barber shop on N. Main St. in Bangor. It's between Market and Broadway, on the western side. He has an old barber's pole on the outside. He has thousands of pictures from the Slate Belt.