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  by AtlantaHudson
Large(100 cars) and iconic stalwarts of the post war great steel fleet; like the red team's B-60 rec'd all kinds of schemes from fairly "complete" to the more usual half-hearted worms on grey. I'm interested in the few(if not one) that got the full treatment with the sea-green and large worms in the lower corners.
These(this) scheme on this series appeared most often in service on the Broadway. Furthermore they (it) appear to have the the rebuilt doors with single windows, based on my photo evidence many were rebuilt by NYC with the door gussets but retained the 4-5 pane windows in the doors, and then redone with small worms on the vertical center of the ends.
Anyone have a good breakout on this roster scheme-wise or know the road number(s) of this , imo PC's best version of this car?
tia Pete