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  by K-4s DRIVER
_Greetings, Any Bedford Branch (Brooks mill to Cumberland,Md)PC people here? I'm looking for some general information.Did the PC refer to the line as the Bedford Branch? Is it part of the Allegheny Div. Was there arranged freight service? Why was the line south of Naiper,Pa to Hyndman abandoned in 1972.How much usage did the line see during the PC years?--Thanks-Mark
  by ChiefTroll
Penn Central designated the track from "Brook" block limit station, the junction with the Morrison Cove Secondary Track, to "State" block limit station, the PA/MD State Line, as the Bedford Secondary Track.

PRR and PC trains ran on the Western Maryland from the state line to Cumberland.

The Bedford Secondary Track was part of the Allegheny Division. There was no arranged freight train service shown in the Employes' Time-Table.

Interestingly, "Brook" was one of many locations on PC and later, Conrail, with the same name, including a block station and train order office at Brookville, PA; a controlled point at Maybrook, NY; and a renamed tower on Conrail at Bound Brook, NJ. When they simplify too much, they run out of individual names.

Gordon Davids