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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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What is the status of current operations on New York & Greenwood Lake Railway's Dundee Spur, linking the C&D transloading facility in Passaic with the NS/NJT interchange in Garfield, N.J.? On mid-day April 23/Thursday the C&D transloading facility was closed, with all gates into the facility locked. This just might be due to the slow economy that the facility has reduced their hours. The C&D facility produces practically all the freight traffic moving on the NY&GL.
  by kamerad47
looks like this is a dead RR the transfer building is closed thet don't bring cars to atlantic coast fibers any more it looks dead
  by blockline4180
Otto Vondrak wrote:I'm surprised we haven't heard more about this!


Me either!!
Well whatever happened, the line won't be dead until they get all the equipment out of there that is still in Passaic!!
  by Steamtown Observer
The NYGL is handling some special soil transfers on a periodic basis.
  by CarterB
I thought that the entire NY&GL Dundee spur, and some equipment, had been sold by NY&GL to another company???
  by kamerad47
The got in trouble with the EPA about the transload building, Antantic coast fibers built that bulding to load box cars insde that stopped !! There is no other industry there now ? I passed by there today somebody started up the old alco & moved 2 of those old box cars off the siding & movedt hem closer to their building.
  by Steamtown Observer
kamerad47 wrote:The got in trouble with the EPA about the transload building
The EPA was never involved. The state got involved, but the extent of the complaint was the level of fire protection in the building which was corrected without a fine being involved. Aside from the collapse of the construction industry, several other transload sites severely undercut the NYGL's rates which caused it to shut down, except for the soil transfers going on a sporadic basis.
  by kamerad47
The state & EPA are the same, Not cause of the fire it was for regs & licenses they were use 18 wheelers in end to ship the C&D out
  by CJPat
The State & the EPA are DEFINITLY NOT the same. The Passaic issue was not generated by the EPA, but by the local Mayor's office looking for cash handouts with the help of the State via political party alliance. The EPA is Federal while New Jersey has the NJDEP which, since the Florio administration, has become nothing but an arm of the State to push and bully companies and private residents around by threatening to ruin their lives and hand down monstrous fines without due process of the law. All in all, they are simply used to enforce political whims (under the guise of public health & safety) and serve as a revenue generator.

The Passaic C&D Transfer Station was a classic case of misuse of government resources to enforce political blackmail and shakedown.

The EPA has their own issues but nothing as severe as NJDEP. The NJDEP operates as if they are part of a criminal syndicate and use the same M.O.(Method of Operation) - seeking protection money via outrageous permitting requirements or something "bad" will befall the business.

I have worked for various environmental companies and departments (big & small, corporate, consulting, & contractors) over the last 20 years, and have seen first hand how NJDEP has run various small Mom & Pop companies out of business via regulation, equipment requirements, insurance requirements, and penalties. As a business, you can only survive in NJ if you have deep pockets.
  by Dcell
Congress passed a law to allow regulation of trash transfer sites located on/serviced by railroads. Frankie Lautenburg was the sponsor of the law because of all the unregulated sites in NJ, like this one. When the law passed, a lot of these station could not meet NJDEP regulations and were shut down. Jimmy Wilson did sell this railroad after his infamous drunk driving arrest in Glen Ridge and he moved out of NJ.
  by kamerad47
Well I meant New jersey department of environmental protection, I know I hold A-901 licensee. But how stupid of them that's the only business they had don't you think they would try to do it right!!! To be honest that's the only one i know that closed down!!
  by CJPat
There were several C&D Transfer Stations set up and then closed down. M&E was foolish and tried to set one up on Property owned by Morris County. One was set up down in Pleasantville (SRNJ?) but also got shut down. There was one railroad company (some shortline based out of Ohio) that was looking to establish one in Freehold. And the one facility in Red Bank was stopped from expanding. I also think there were one or two others (NYSW?) in North Jersey.

Basically, the general scam is that the locals get upset because the Railroads use their ICC (or is it under FRA?) exemption that prohibits local and state regulation from restricting railroad commerce to not worry about filing for construction permits and State environmental permits. This prevents the locals and the State from reaping huge permit, inspection, and variance fees during the planning and construction phases. The locals and the State then start spinning stories to the media that make the Construction Debris Transfer Facility, which is handling load out of concrete rubble, metal scrap, wood, shingles, etc. sound like they are a bad neighbor handling toxic environmental contamination (asbestos, mercury,volatile organics, etc) risking the health of residents within a 5 mile radius and establish real bad PR campaign to force the railroads to bend to the township and State greed.
  by Dcell
I feel bad for whoever bought the NYG&L from Jimmy Wilson. Without the transfer station, there is no business for the railroad. Did the new owners go bankrupt or just shut down?
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