• Nikon P80 or Canon PowerShot SX101S??

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Discussion of photography and videography techniques, equipment and technology, and links to personal railroad-related photo galleries.

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  by atsf sp
For Christmas I am getting a new camera but not to expensive. The choice is down to the Nikon P80 or Canon Powershot SX101S. The nikon has 10 MP and a 18x zoom and the Canon has 10 MP and a 20x zoom. But I already have the software for downloading Nikon. But which is better for catching good photos of trains at distance or just with good resolution between the two?
  by MEC407
Honestly, those two cameras are more similar than different. The only major difference is the 20x zoom vs. the 18x zoom... everything else is almost identical. I'm certain that if you took a picture with the P80 and took a picture with the SX100IS and viewed them side by side, you wouldn't be able to tell which was which.

So... what it ultimately boils down to is which one you like better. Go to a store that sells both of them and play with them. Which one feels better in your hands? Which one is more comfortable to hold? They're going to take identical pictures, so pick the one that feels "right" when you use it.
  by atsf sp
I think I am leaning more towards the Nikon because I have the software but I am planning on testing them out. And since the zoom doesn't make much of a difference that hels to. Thank you.
  by keeper1616
Just out of curiosity, what software did you download? I had a Cannon that was in the same series a few years ago, and the only software I found I needed was Photoshop/Gimp.
  by atsf sp
Picture Project is what Nikon gives for transfering your photos off the camera.
  by MEC407
Just so you know, you can transfer photos from the camera to the computer without any software at all. Just connect the camera to the computer, or insert the memory card into a card reader if you have one, and the memory card will show up as a disk in "My Computer". Or if you're using a Mac, the card will show up as a disk on your desktop. No software required.
  by Chessie GM50
Personally, I'd lean toward the P80. That is probably because I had one, and traded it in for a d60. I read somewhere that the sensor in the P80 is on the larger side for a fixed-lens camera. It does have some noticeable shutter lag time, though, and that, along with high noise above ISO400 is why I traded it in.

Note, my avatar was taken with the P80
  by MEC407
The SX10IS and the P80 both have the same size sensor -- 1/2.3" -- which is only marginally larger than what you'd find in a pocket-size point-and-shoot camera.
  by atsf sp
I got the P80 for Christmas. I have only taken one picture of a train with it so far but it was not one of my better pictures. But it had nothing to do with the camera. Quality is great. I just have to get used to the shutter response because I missed the engine.
  by stephenmorphey

I have recently purchased a Nikon P80 and was very satisfied with the photographs. I checked and found that there is no much difference between Canon PowerShot SX101S and P80 apart from the zooming capabilities. You can a also see for Nikon P90.
  by madcrow
Also be sure to check out Panasonic's Lumix DMC-FZ35 (or 38, depending on where in the world you are). While it may not have the longest zoom range, 18x (27-486 mm equiv) is still no slouch and reviews online generally credit it with the highest image quality of the bunch both in terms in lens quality and noise performance. Add a pretty awesome HD video mode, RAW support and some of the fastest focusing speeds around and you've got what looks to be pretty much the ultimate railfan camera.