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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by nessman
They're located on the old B&S main...

By ANDREA DECKERT - Rochester Business Journal
September 10, 2009
The region will receive roughly $1.3 million in state funding to improve freight rail service, Gov. David Paterson’s office announced Thursday. In Arcade, Wyoming County, $1.3 million will be used to relocate and reconstruct 2,200 feet of the Arcade and Attica Railroad track. The upgrade will accommodate the expansion of Koike Aronson Inc., a welding manufacturer. Additionally, the funding will support the construction of a railroad spur off the existing Norfolk-Southern Railroad at the Hillcrest Industries Inc. site in the village of Attica.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Sounds good, but what EXACTLY are they doing? Are they planning on redoing just under a 1/2 mile of track that they JUST spent a year rehabilitating?
  by nessman
Probably building a new siding. It's just the single main track behind their facility.

The newspapers never get it right.
  by thebigham
Yes, the Aronson siding is covered with gravel and disconnected from the A&A mainline. I have a pic of the old spur that I'll post at NERail soon.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Well, any new customers is a good thing. Hopefully it will be beneficial to both the customer and the railroad.
  by BSOR Patarak
It is a potential new customer. There has been discussions for a long time about relocating the A&A mainline behind the Aronson's Plant at Arcade. That company wants to expand their structure. They make heavy metal positioners and welding equipment. Some of their stuff is so big, the cost of shipping the finished product is way to high to build it overseas. One company that looks like it will remain in the good old USA! The right of way shift could be done in such a way as to have a new siding into them for inbound steel shipments. They have sent out a couple of positioners by rail when the siding was first built into the plant....that was a long time ago though. Keep in mind that this is all still in the planning stages. The significants of the announcement is the fact that this rail project was combined with a proposed industrial park at Attica that would be on the NS. Some of the early reports sparked some speculation of the A&A rebuilding to Attica. (What a thought that is! Very impractical though). However, it was just a misprint in some of the announcements because the two projects were lumped together. Since Wyoming County has very few rail projects, it made sense to combine the two and go after a larger sum of money to help spur local investment. Stay tuned....
  by thebigham
Thank to Mrk:

from the Olean Times Herald

relocation of 1/2 mile of the original trackage in Arcade...

full story at

http://www.oleantimesherald.com/article ... 652\95.txt

The governor left for Arcade soon after landing at the airport in the town of
Ischua, headed for a press conference at Koike-Aronson Inc., which manufactures
welding equipment and cutting machines. There he announced a $1.3 million grant
to relocate and reconstruct 2,200 feet of the Arcade & Attica Railroad track in
Wyoming County. The upgrade will accommodate the expansion of Koike-Aronson Inc.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Then link doesn't work for me.