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  by Benjamin Maggi
Great Photos! I like the last the best, of #18. Still, yours came out a lot better than mine. It isn't always sunny when I go.

Here are some of mine that I have online:

"Lost" Arcade and Attica Caboose #304:

Strictly Railfanning:

Railfanning in Winter:

Actually Riding the Train last fall:


  by thebigham
The last picture of #18 wasn't taken by me.

Thanks for posting your photos. You should upload some of them to NERail. I've received a lot of comments on my pics.

Your pics of the Alco and the caboose at Arcade Junction are now a memeory. Both were removed last year.
  by thebigham
I've uploaded some pics of the A&A I took in November 2007. Pics include where the Wyman Bridge was located, Java Center, the Java Center bridge and some road crossings.

http://naphotos.nerail.org/show/?order= ... ttica%20RR

They are not the best pics due to cloudy conditions.
  by thebigham
^Great pics, thanks!!
  by joesbag
Lots of great photos!

I'll be in Arcade the end of next week riding and photographing. Any other A&A followers going to be around?
  by admiralwolf
I'll be taking my students on a field trip there Saturday for the noon ride. They have to observe operations, answer a series of questions about operations during the trip, and then they'll be making a mock digital crew training guide. It seemed like something different to do, and some of them have never had the chance to ride a train in their lives, especially Steam pulled. This seemed like a great chance for them.
  by jgallaway81
Added even more pictures to the A&A Database at NERails.org

Including a picture of the new tire and two pictures of 14 in the sunshine.