• Morocco prepares to test 'fastest train in Africa'

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  by David Benton
Thanks John.
Morocco already has a fairly good passenger train system, which enjoys good patronage.
This will improve things , though as they say in the video, in a country that could spend the money on education and other services. But I think overall , it is a worthwhile project.
  by george matthews
I have travelled by train in Morocco between Tangier and a town to the south. The carriages were a former Corail French train, quite well maintained. As they use standard gauge their network is far more like a European system than other trains in Africa. Whether they really need a TGV line or not I don't know.
  by lpetrich
Morocco inaugurates Africa’s first high-speed line | International Railway Journal
KING Mohammed VI of Morocco and French president Mr Emmanuel Macron attended a ceremony in Tangiers on November 15 to inaugurate Africa’s first high-speed line.

Construction of the 183km Tangiers – Kenitra line was officially launched in September 2011 and was originally due for completion in December 2015, but the project suffered a number of setbacks including land acquisition delays and subsidence.

Dynamic testing began in February 2017 and an African rail speed record of 357km/h was set on May 4 this year.
Tangier is at the Strait of Gibraltar, and Kenitra is southward along the Atlantic coast. Along with construction of this line is rebuilding of a conventional line that extends further southward along the coast: Kenitra - Rabat - Casablanca.
  by David Benton
It appears Morocco is making some good investments.
https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2018/1 ... 7iNsYtKid4" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
"Morocco’s environment-friendly efforts are catching the eyes of the international community, winning the country a spot among the world’s most performing nations on climate change."
Certainly , it is a country that wouldn't want to get any hotter.