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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by rrbluesman
I know this is a very broad topic, but I am searching for specific information over a broad area. I often hike through the Menantico W.M.A., I know there were at one time multiple sidings through there, this is my first time I plan on hiking for specific railroad artifacts. Witht he exception of the W&W service down there, is there anything worthwhile to go searching for off the branch around Menantico or Manumuskin? And secondly, where did Menantico station and Manumuskin statioan actually sit? Menantico shows up on old PRR maps, but I dont know where it would have been along the line as it is today. I have a sense of where Manumuskin sat, just want to see if I am right, thanks.
  by nayaugpark52
Let me know how you made out at the next IOOF meeeting Ed. Bring some pictures.
  by rrbluesman
Good to see lodge IOOF members active on here :-) Didn't get any new pics today, maybe next trip down.