• Is it going to snow?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by SST
I was bike riding along the shoreline. In order to avoid a moderate incline over the bridge I crossed the tracks instead that feed ADM and General Mills along Ganson st.

As I came around the corner I see not one, but two snowplows parked at the beginning of the Child St yard. They look beat! But, the brake hoses look new, clean and shiny. The scrap yard sits between the RR yard and Child st yard and I believe connected by rail. Hope these plows aren't here to be scrapped.
  by neman2
I share your sentiments but if a railroad buys one of these ---http://www.knoxkershaw.com/propage-ksf940.html
that doesn't require a locomotive, train crew, several MOW employees , only needs one operator and can work the rest of the year as a ballast regulator or brush cutter it pays for itself in very short time.
  by eolesen
You don't plow a 40 acre field with a lawn tractor...

That baby plow might work well on a couple inches, but it won't cut thru 24" of lake effect snow or drifts out in farm country.

Those Warren's do just fine from 48mm to 48" of snow.

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  by tree68
The first piece appears to be a double track plow - it only throws to one side.

The second piece appears to be a Jordan Spreader, which not only plows snow, but can trim ballast, take out encroaching (small) trees, cut ditches, and a few other tasks.

Jordan Spreaders are complicated, to an extent. Inside the control cabin is a plethora of valves, some to move the numerous cylinders, others to lock the cylinders in place.
  by BR&P
Operating a Jordan Spreader is not totally removed from playing a pedal steel guitar!

To keep your hands busy:
And for your feet at the same time:

And there is a similar array on the opposite side for the other half of the machine. One operator can't use both sides at once, but two operators could - provided you have a large enough supply of air.
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  by tree68
Yep - unlock, move the cylinder, lock. For every single movement...
  by videobruce
Both of those have been at the WE of the Engine House at FY for some time. When I was at the Storehouse five years ago, they had the hoses replaced and the air tested, but they weren't moved at the time. IIRC, they might of had a buyer back then, but the deal fell thru or the carrier changed it's mind (if they actually have one).

That scrap yard closed a few years ago, they use to have a good business, but things changed. CSX didn't want to service them anymore (if you can call anything that CSX did was "service") any more (even thou the yard was right there).
  by lvrr325
There probably is a good business opportunity in buying these plows and a couple of locomotives and offering to clear snow the same way they have rail grinding trains and so forth.