Discussion relating to the Penn Central, up until its 1976 inclusion in Conrail. Visit the Penn Central Railroad Historical Society for more information.

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  by RSD15
from info i have:

55 H10-44 8200s

43 H12-44 8300s

38 H16-44 5100s

33 H20-44 7700s

9 H24-66 6700-6708

numbers are approximate,
all ret. by the end of 1971

  by TomNelligan
By the summer of 1969, PC had moved all remaining active FMs to Chicago, where they worked in yard and transfer service. The last active Trainmaster (H24-66) worked the hump at the ex-PRR yard, while there were also a few active H16-44s (ex-New Haven) and H12-44s, maybe a total of a dozen or so active locomotives. Colhour Yard (I may have the spelling wrong after all these years) on the Illinois/Indiana border west of Gary was an FM stronghold. The vast majority of the units listed in Mr. RSD15's tally were stored out of service by the summer of 1969, including the rest of the Trainmasters, which were in the Altoona dead line along with lots of smaller FMs.