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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by Natechill
I have been applying for anything in CSX since the day I got out of the military. Yesterday I finally got the email to report to Atlanta for an interview. Any information on what to expect will be greatly appreciated!!
-what questions do they ask
-what will put me an edge ahead
-how long does it take to get a reply after the initial interview
-how many people will I be going up against for this job.
-as previously stated I applied for many jobs, this job in particular was conductor in Atlanta. Is it guaranteed that will be the location I get if hired or could they offer other places. I would love anywhere in fl.
-what types of people might I be going against. I have military background, 3 years if college completed and 4 years of heavy equipment operator.
-how much is the training pay for the six weeks
-if I do get offered a job what will happen after the interview

Any info would be greatly appreciated
  by charlie6017

I am going to shift this over to the Employment Forum where most all current and former railroad employees congrgate. You'll find other good information in here as well. I wish you well finding employment and Thanks so much for serving our great country!

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  by Natechill
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  by Natechill
I went to the interview, I feel like it went well. My status has changed from interview to under consideration.is this good or bad? There were 27 people interviewing for 4 spots. I was the youngest one there at 26 years old. Will that play against me?
Any info would be greatly appreciated
  by dover
Under consideration I would think is good. Not selected is the bad news!
  by livet
I was just hired for freight conductor in New Orleans. I heard within 48 hours of the interview that I was selected for the position. I then had to go thru all the physicals, strength testing, etc. I received my REDI start date last Monday for July 15. I interviewed on May 20th so it went pretty quick. If you interviewed for a position in Atlanta, that is where the job will be. Their is no negotiation on that. If you want a job in Florida,you need to apply for an open position there. Good luck!
  by Natechill
Thanks for the reply. The recruiter said I would here back by Monday, the interview was Friday. One more question I was wondering what disqualifies you as far as background check. I answered honestly when it asked about felonies. I have never been arrested for a felonious but I did get a misdemeanor for reckless driving and I have 2 months of probation left for that. Other than that my record is clean. Do you know if anyone has been turned away for anything similar
  by Natechill
I got the job. Offer came through June 18th and I submitted background check info and got the medical and physical test done by the 20th. Now I'm just waiting to hear back and see when my REDI date is. If anyone is in the same boat as me or if u were please inform me how long the wait was between completing pre employment task to getting a REDI date and how far off that date was or is! Thanks
  by cockerhamsg
Did you ever get a REDI date?