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  by Noel Weaver
First off on diesel the FL-9 was a very reliable locomotive, probably as good or better than the stuff running today on CDOT and Amtrak. Second the FL-9's were to be leased to the State of New York and were not slated to run in Connecticut at any time of the lease. Connecticut is literally broke but they kicked themselves in the foot this time around. What's next?, who knows, stay tuned.
Noel Weaver
  by blockline4180
No, only the possible modified (nose hatch?) Amtrak P32AC-DM's, otherwise just MARC cab cars... No MN Genesis engines available to lease, afaik.
  by R36 Combine Coach
Tadman wrote:With regard to overall safety of the Marc cab cars, South Shore runs them daily at 79mph over hundreds of crossings. With two tragic exceptions - the 1993 bridge crash and the 1998 steel truck crash - they have a very good record. This includes about five miles of street running.
Don't forget the Silver Spring wreck - all 11 fatalities in the cab car.
  by DutchRailnut
bdawe wrote:Is it still going to be a a reliable locomotive if pushed into service today?
Answer is absolutely no, the last two years of operation they only lasted for average of two days before having FRA issues.

as for silver springs wreck I suggest you read report, the cab car or its design had little to do with casualties .
  by Uncle Cheapo
Dead beyond dead, you wont even see the MARC cars soon, as they are being sent back to the owner shortly.
  by blockline4180
Uncle Cheapo wrote:Dead beyond dead, you wont even see the MARC cars soon, as they are being sent back to the owner shortly.
NJT can use more.... Especially with bathrooms.... Besides, the original plan was for 20, instead of the 10 they currently have..
Regardless, seems like Amtrak must have been too stupid not to realize their "stupidity" to modify their engines with a front end nose hatch.
  by DutchRailnut
not much left of it , its going to require another $35k for missing parts.
  by CVRA7
For those interested, NH 2019 should be running most weekends this month on the Naugatuck Railroad.
  by shadyjay
The six FL9s at New Haven have all been auctioned off, and not one is going to the scrapper (yet).... This is going around the groups on FB:
From the Cape Cod Model RR Club & Museum

Final Score for the CDOT FL9 Auctions

Boston Surface RR Co. pick up 2027 ($51,100) & 2011 ($85,200)

2026 ($56,100) went to the Cape
Texas Grapevine Hist. Ry. landed 2014 ($72,100) & 2016 ($75,101)

Webb Rail secured the final auction which was extended for almost an hour due to ongoing bids. 2024 finally went under the gavel for an eye catching $93,100!

As partners in preservation, the BSRM and Webb Rail LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of New Haven 2058, a FL-9 locomotive built in 1960. Not only was this type of locomotive the mainstay of passenger service on the Berkshire Line, the 2058 is the penultimate F-unit built for domestic use by General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of La Grange, Illinois. The streamlined styling of these units represented the epitome of passenger rail travel and locomotive design in the post-war era.
While more information will be shared about this historic acquisition over the coming weeks, the BSRM would like to profoundly thank our partner, Webb Rail LLC, for making once what was once a dream a reality.
  by Backshophoss
BSRR has yet to get any yard trackage,DOES NOT Have any operating trackage rights,and NO passenger cars as of now.....
  by ConstanceR46
You'll just ride in the roof, engine room, cab or on the sides!

On a more serious note, hence the "apparently" and "may".
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