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  by Jeff Smith
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World’s longest underwater rail and road tunnel will connect Germany and Denmark by 2029

Denmark and Germany will soon be linked by an 18-kilometre-long underwater tunnel.

The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel will be the longest combined rail and road tunnel anywhere in the world when it is completed in 2029.

This €10 billion project - which crosses a stretch of the Baltic Sea known as the Fehmarn Belt - will connect Rødbyhavn on the Danish island of Lolland and Puttgarden in northern Germany.

The tunnel, officially called the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, will have two double-lane motorways and two electrified rail tracks.

The journey through it will take seven minutes by train and 10 minutes by car, avoiding a 160 kilometre detour across the Danish mainland. Rail travel times from Hamburg in Germany to Copenhagen in Demark will be cut from around five hours to less than three.
  by Jeff Smith
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Underwater rail tunnel linking Denmark and Germany to replace 45-minute ferry with 7-minute train

Denmark and Germany are one step closer to being linked by the world's longest underwater rail and road tunnel.

Danish King Frederik X inaugurated the first element of a future 18-kilometre tunnel under the Baltic Sea on Monday. It will link southern Denmark to northern Germany and contribute to the transport sector's green transition.

The Fehmarnbelt link, which is expected to open in 2029, will also cut travel from the present 45-minute ferry crossing to as little as seven minutes by train.

It will link Roedby on the Danish side to Puttgarten in Germany, with onward connections by road and rail to central Europe and the Nordic countries.