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  by jgallaway81
Well, I decided to work on my drawing of 14 the last couple of days.

one thing that was bothering me was the design of the spokes on the second pony axle. Then, as I was looking at pics of the axle, I realized the relation to the cylinders was wrong, but the cylinders were also wrong in relation to the drivers... but the crosshead was the right size in relation to the cylinders.

One thing lead to another and I spent the last two days redrawing the cylinders, valves, BOTH pony axles, the crosshead, re locating the croshead and the valve link axis.

The trouble was that I'd JUST added & saved the drawing with the valve motion link rod from teh radius rod to the link. So, to accomplish the drawing without redrawing the main drive rod and the valve rod, (and consequently all three drivers) I needed to compromise on the changes.

The top image is the chassis as it was two days ago, and the bottom version is the new pony axles; steamchest; crosshead and valvegear.

Any suggestions? Also, does anyone have any high-resolution images of 14? Any optical image that is run through a scanner at a super high scan would suffice. I need a few more pictures of 14 to get details right... I can see why 18 was my first engine.. there are thousnds of pics available where as 14 seems to have vanished from the public's eye.


  by Benjamin Maggi
Looks good Jason. As an aside, now you know why #14 is my favorite engine. Every picture featuring it seems to be historical, and almost romantic in a way. Everyone seems to know about #18 (or will soon!), but #14 is in my opinion the true lady of the line. That is why I want to build a 1/8 scale model of her. I think her lines are more beautiful. Hopefully, someday she will see the sun once again.

Good luck in your search for photographs.