• DL&W wooden cabooses that went south

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Discussion relating to the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, the Erie, and the resulting 1960 merger creating the Erie Lackawanna. Visit the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society at http://www.erielackhs.org/.

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  by Cactus Jack
Anyone have details of the DL&W cabooses that went south?

I understand that Gainesville Midland, Interstate RR and Georgia RR got some of the old wooden hacks at some point. Did any survive ?
  by s4ny
One went one mile north to Howard Gunlocke's backyard on Second Ave in Wayland, NY.
  by s4ny
Painted yellow now.
  by henry6
Also, didn't the Raritan River and the WAG get some? WAG's went south with Louisiana.

  by Al Holleuffer
The two cabooses on the WAG were former Erie RR Dunmore welded steel cabooses, not DL&W wooden hacks. Some friends of mine and I made a trip out there in the 70's and inquired about buying one but they were not for sale.
  by henry6
I remember seeing about a half dozen wooden cabooses there, too.

  by BR&P
Apalachicola Northern caboose X7 was ex-DL&W. There is a picture of it in Knapke's book "The Railroad Caboose" and I believe there's a color shot somewhere on the web as well. At one time it was blue, with stripes at the end of each side to match those on the EMD switchers, which were also blue. I have no idea what the DL&W number was.

The Raritan River ex-DL&W caboose was their # 5, again I don't have the DL&W number.

Genesee & Wyoming RR #8 was DL&W, it's now at the New York Museum of Transportation at Industry NY near Rochester.

The WAG had 5 cabooses in later years. The 2 ex-ERIE cabs were numbered 103 and 104 and that would appear to have been their original numbers. They also had 3 ex-B&O, ex-BR&P wooden cabooses still carrying their B&O numbers, 2620, 2640, and 2654.
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  by caboose9
s4ny said, "One went to Howard Gunlocke's back yard in Wayland, NY."

The number of this car is unknown.

  by caboose9
Hi, Most of these aren't wood or in the south, but ...

Panama City BeacFL DL&W as G&FRR (Guests & Family RR), ex-AN, wood, cupola, 6223 Palm Court, FOR SALE?

Gainesville GA DL&W no markings, ex-Gainesville Midland 307, wood, cupola, Lakeview Academy, 796 Lakeview Dr NE

Bogalusa LA DL&W as fake NOGN, ex-Crown-Zellerbach Co. B, wood, cupola, GM&O Depot

Greene NY DL&W wood, 4 wheel, Chicken Coup, LOCATION?

Utica NY DL&W wood, cupola, Hair Caboose, DL&W New Hartford Station

Wayland NY DL&W as Gunlocke, wood, Gunlocke Estate Park, Rt 36

Whippany NJ DL&W 4 as Morristown & Erie 1, ex-Black River & W. 4, wood, cupola, bobber, blt.1899, Whippany Ry Mus.

Farmingdale NJ DL&W 604 ex-DL&W 0109/Raritan River 7, blt.'11, no trucks, Pine Creek Railroad, NJ Mus. of Transportation

Rush NY DL&W 619 as Genesee&Wyoming GNWR 8, wood, cupola, NY Mus. of Trans., s. of Rochester, 716-533-1113

Bloomsburg PA DL&W 642 Caroll Park & Western?, LOCATION?

Burlington WI DL&W 668 as SOO 597, ex-DSS&A 597, wood, cupola, Spring Prairie Road

Ivyland PA DL&W 723 no markings, ex-Raritan River 8, wood, cupola, Apartments, Wilson Ave., x-Depot/ChestnutHill/PA

Horseheads NY DL&W 738 wood, cupola, Elmira Historical Society, Old Ithaca Road, north of West Franklin Street

Effort PA DL&W 845 Cabin, Robbins Hood Lake, off Hwy 534, near Kresgeville, PA

South WilliamspoPA DL&W 849 Country House Restaurant (closed), City View Motel, Rt 15, south of town, SOLD?

Rutherford PA DL&W 851 ex-CR 19904, LOCATION?, burned

South Buffalo NY DL&W 880 ex-CR 19900, Ed Rost & Terry Sprague, owners, Childs Street, from Renovo, PA

Carthage NY DL&W 885 as Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern 4810, ex-DL&W 583?, steel, cupola, 315-376-2021

Scranton PA DL&W 889 ex-EL 889, ex-CR 19905, steel, cupola, built 1952, Class N8D, Steamtown National Historical Site

Whippany NJ DL&W 896 as CR 19909, steel, cupola, Class N8D, blt. 2/54, Morristown&Erie Rwy Yard, TriState Chap/NRHS

Strasburg PA DL&W 899 as Erie, ex-CR 19903, Unit 38, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646

Hamburg NY DL&W 906 as CR 19907, ex-EL 906/CR 22010, steel/cupola, blt.'53, West. NY RR Hist. Soc., Union & Scott Sts.

Long Branch NJ DL&W 907 as EL C907, built on tender frame at Keyser Valley Shops, Casey Jones Restaurant, w/2 boxcars

Swanton OH DL&W 910 McDonald's Restaurant