• CSX switching in South Georgia????

  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by dconlive_
I'm trying to find out if CSX switchs much traffic from the BOW Line with Georgia Florida Railnet in Thomasville, GA? I know that line runs from Albany to Thomasville, but unsure where all the traffic was going (NS or CSX)?
I read CSX has trackage rights down to a big paper mill in Perry, FL via GFRR in Quitman, GA.

And does CSX interchange / switch with GFRR in Quitman or Valdosta.
I don't know if they get any traffic from the Valdosta Railway either?

Thanks for any info.

  by CSX Conductor
Don't know my geography of that area or the operations, but from looking up cars from GFRR that I have handled in local service and mainline, it appears that CSXT interchangeswith GFRR @ Thomasville,Ga.

Perhaps Crazy_Nip can add to this.

  by crazy_nip
they also interchange in "greenville, fl"

a little podunk town west of live oak, fl and east of tallahasse, fl

  by ACLfan
The Georgia - Florida Railnet interchanges/switches with CSX at CSX's Thomasville Yard, as the G-F has yard space in the Yard.

On the north end of the G-F at Albany, GA, the home base of the G-F is ACL's former yard. Some interchange is possible with CSX at Albany, althouh most is with NS. CSX pulled out of town years ago, but retained trackage rights on NS between Albany and a CSX connection at Oglethorpe, GA (about 30 miles north)

G-F also interchanges with NS at Adel, GA (on the line between Adel, GA and Foley, FL ). Some interchange on this line occurs at Greenville, Fl and at Quitman, GA, although most of the interchange occurs at Adel, GA (with NS) and Foley, FL(CSX), as CSX has active trackage rights on the G-F line between Foley, FL and Quitman, GA., with CSX trains being based out of CSX's Thomasville (GA) yard. Foley, FL is the location of a large paper mill, with joint service by CSX and the G-F Railnet.

The Valdosta Railway interchanges with both NS and CSX at Valdosta, GA via direct rail connections (paper products and related chemicals to/from a paper mill at Clyattville, GA).

G-f Railnet has trackage rights over the NS between Sparks, GA (about 2 miles N of Adel, GA) and Valdosta, GA via a connection from the G-F line between Albany and Sparks, GA. The trackage rights over the NS are exercised to access the otherwise-isolated G-F line between Valdosta and Nashville, GA.


  by ACLfan
Update regarding CSX at Albany, GA:

I was passing through Albany, GA on Saturday (11/27/04) and saw a pair of CSX AC44CW units ready to depart the G - F Railnet yard in Albany with a very long empty unit coal train. The CSX units were going to utilize trackage rights over the NS between Albany and Oglethorpe, GA to reach home rails and back to the mines for reloading.

So, it seems like CSX still has a physical presence in Albany, GA over a dozen years after they "pulled out"!