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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Jeff Smith
Much like the West Side Yards, looking to cover and develop: Crains New York
State eyes massive development over South Bronx rail yard

The state wants to deck over a nearly 13-acre rail yard in the South Bronx to make way for a massive waterfront development in the area, which is attracting more private investment as land costs rise elsewhere in the city.

Last month, Empire State Development released a request for expressions of interests, inviting developers to present offers for leasing or purchasing the land, decking over the yards, then building a sizable residential or mixed-use project on top.

The parcel sits along the Harlem River, just north of the Willis Avenue Bridge. It is currently used as a transfer station to move goods between cross-country trains and trucks that traverse the tristate area—a use the state plans to maintain going forward.
  by ccutler
LOL "goods transfer" aka as GARBAGE transfer. I can't believe they are building low income housing so close to a garbage transfer site!
  by rhallock
What are the chances of seeing a freight train on the Oak Point link along the Harlem River in daylight?
  by sd80mac
ccutler wrote:Jetro/Bronx is right next to Oak Point Food marketplace which does use rail; and I would speculate that the food shipped in by rail goes to specialty vendors who then sell a portion through Jetro.

It may be more efficient to truck it, or to rail it to Oak Point and than truck it to Jetro...or to intermodal it to NJ and drive to Jetro.
That's why they have E-coli express trains going to Rottensdam warehouse and truck these foods and wines to NYC and Boston.
  by trackdept
I haven't worked at oak point in two years, but Jetro. would occasionally get some reefer cars, and they either unloaded them at either powerhouse logistics, but mostly next door at New Haven Distribution and truck whatever they got over to the big building