• China unveils 600km/h maglev train prototype

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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of Canada and the United States.

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  by David Benton
(CNN) — A new floating bullet train capable of hitting speeds of 600 kilometers per hour (about 372 miles/hour) is one step closer to reality in China.
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  by Jeff Smith
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Magic Or Engineering? Here's Everything We Know About China's New 'Air Train'
China is once more making headlines, this time for its cutting-edge maglev trains. These fast trains go along tracks using electromagnets. The nation just opened its first permanent magnet-powered suspended maglev line. This 2600 feet (731.5 meters) experimental track, also identified as the Red Rail, is located in China's Jiangxi province's Xingguo County. On social media, images of the sky train are becoming quite popular. The train generates a constant repelling force powerful enough to raise a train into the air using powerful magnets. The train travels beneath the levitating track at up to 50 mph (80.5 km/h) while operating around 33 feet (10 meters) above the ground with virtually no physical touch. According to sources, the track costs a lot less to install and emits less electromagnetic radiation than conventional lines. The fact that China is swamped with the rare earth elements needed to produce the permanent magnets used in trains also contributed to this technical triumph. For those who are unaware, China mines less rare earth metals than any other country in the world and possesses over 40% of the world's known deposits of these elements.