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  by Thomas
Deos anyone know the status of Caltrain's Extension into the Transbay Terminal? I believe that this--combined with the system electrification upgrade--could have a major implication regarding Caltrain for the next 100 years or so. To some extent, it could be California's version of East Side Access...
  by Fan Railer
it's going as planned. If you want information, the best place is to dig around Caltrain's web page for documentation.
  by ExCon90
The Transbay Joint Powers Authority has a website at http://www.transbaycenter.org; you can click on there to be placed on an email list to receive weekly progress reports on the terminal. Right now it's all about excavating, bracing, etc., but when things reach the stage of advancing Caltrain into the terminal it should give up-to-the-week information.
  by Thomas
How could the TIFIA program impact tunnel boring for Caltrain's Extension in San Francisco?
  by Thomas
With California's recent budget surplus, is it likely for the this pot of money to get used for Caltrain improvements, such as the Extension into the Transbay Terminal?
  by tomj
It wouldn't be smart for the state to use surplus money for the improvement. California's finances are shaky at best, shouldn't waste surplus money on it, but I will bet the money will get spent on something stupid if it hasn't been already.