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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by Schaffner
One of the photos I saw when I had PRSL in Color from interlibrary loan that intrigued me was a shot of a freight crossing over a small bridge over Mantua Creek that the caption said was a movable bridge.

Now, this little bridge appeared to have some type of “A frame” construction and it was small enough that it appeared to have a simple lever system in it to move it bascule style.

The questions I have is, why would there have been a need for a movable bridge over what looked like such a small waterway? What type of water traffic would have moved up the creek, just recreational boats or commercial traffic?

Finally, can anyone give us a link to any photos of this bridge? I’ve searched a few times on the net and came up empty handed. Thanks.
  by tuckahoe
I believe the only customer on Mantua Creek is a small boatyard or marina just east of the
rte.44 lift bridge.If you go to Google and type in Mantua Creek drawbridges you will find
a link to justia.com which gives you the regulations dated may 2009 reguarding a new
schedule for the opening of the rte.44 bridge. If you scroll down the page you will see a
link to 33 cfr part 117, this will take you to a government site which lists every waterway in
the united states which has a movable bridge.Also check out Historic Aerials the 1940 map
of Paulsboro n.j.shows what appears to be a large sand and gravel operation along side of
I-295 and Delaware st.,at the lower part of the lake it looks like a small dredge is being
used.There does'nt seem to be any commercial activity any where east of the sand and
gravel operations on Mantua Creek. I hopes this helps.