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  by Mountcastle
Would anyone 'here' happen to be able to send me or provide a link for a color image of Engine No. 18's orginal tender with it's original 'fancy' lettering? I'm hoping to have a decal of this created and I'm guessing the decal maker is going to ask to see a picture of what I've attempted to describe to him.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  by BSOR Patarak
How is this? It is dated 8/11/1962, about as early as you can get I suppose.
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  by Mountcastle
Oh, that's fantastic; thank you a million times over! I couldn't find any close-up shots to save my life. You are the undisputed Arcade & Attica god. I'm burning incense to you at this very moment.


  by Benjamin Maggi
If you try the decal maker "MODERN RAILS" you will probably discover that he will know exactly what you are talking about. He has made decals of A&A equipment in at least 2 different scales for me, lives near the railroad and is familiar with it, and is a great guy to boot. Not that others aren't as good.

Just my two cents.
  by Mountcastle
Yes, he's precisely whom I've gone to, and he has been eager to be of help and is entirely pleasant to communicate with. He was referred to me by another A&A devotee. He was not, however, familiar with the old A&A tender lettering, so I've had to find images for him to go by. I managed to find a few, but nothing like BSOR Pat's magnificent close-up shot, here. This will help a great deal.