• A railfan intercepted by a zealous AMT's security officer.

  • Discussion of photography and videography techniques, equipment and technology, and links to personal railroad-related photo galleries.
Discussion of photography and videography techniques, equipment and technology, and links to personal railroad-related photo galleries.

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  by Sylvain727
:( A Montreal's railfan are intercepted by a zealous AMT (Montreal's commuter train Agency) security officer because the railfan taking pictures and videos of the commuter trains at the AMT's Montreal-West station but he was standing out of the station and platform site at the one hundred feet from the station site when an officer has come to ask him to go away claiming that it was forbidden to take pictures or videos from Montreal's Metropolitan Transport Agency installations and especially trains. Of course,he was on the public place and outside of the AMT's juridiction.

And he has called the Montreal's commuter train company and to inform to this event and they said that no regulations were in effect regarding photos taking for personal.
Having for dialogue with a person responsible,he was doing well on his complaint and asking to having a copy of all regulations relating to the taking of photos and videos for personal.

Up to date,there is a very good chance that we have the right to taking pictures,of course,they will issue to recall any officers who decides to have an excess of zeal. That means that let soon railfans can practice again their favorite hobby around Montreal's Metropolitan Transport Agency stations and trains.

And of course,Someone has comfirme to him that absolutely no regulations existing about the prohibition to taking trains and stations in pictures on the Montreal's Commuter rail company.

To be continued for interested because it just made the first step to regain the right to making train photos on the AMT train stations.
  by Montrealrail
Opportunally,we get the point!
(Hello Sylvain,tu me reconnais?c'est moi,MSTS :-D )

I recongnized that I was on the street 100 feet away from the station to get my pic,and the security inspector came to yeld me on the street,that's why it have been "zealous"
I get a feed back on that..

There are no restriction for photographying and filming on the AMT,if we are on the platfrom,we must get a valid ticket on us to be right,and AMT responder recommanded me to get the AMT laws and rules,avaiable on their website,make photocopies and keep on us while railfanning the AMT,the security officer are allowed only to ask why we are there,but don no have the right to expulsing us from the platform if we get a valid ticket,and by showing him the rules and laws from AMT,you can tell him you stay on the platform and your allowed for personnal use of pictures...

AMT tokk the complaint in serious and the security officers will be informed that will let us taking picture..

AMT recommanded me to made complainte every time I get troubble with security officers for pictures and video..