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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by CaptnRetro
Hey Ben, figured I should come on here to contribute to the availability note.

I am in fact the owner of the AHM that was posted on eBay in 2020, and very grateful to be.

Im in the process of trying to build the largest empire of A&A In HO scale specifically, but I have no plans on making a monopoly of the market.

ModernRails now charges $25 per new artwork, so here's a cheat sheet for anyone looking to replicate; here's what he's already done but doesn't publicly show

-ARA Cabooses #303, #304 (simple lettering)
-ARA #500 Blue boxcars
-ARA #400 Red Boxcars
-ARA Crew Cut/ standard GE Scheme (any number)
-ARA #14 (w/ Cartwright lettering)
-ARA #18 (White)
-AARR #106, #108 wooden reefers (WiP)
-AARR Vintage Coaches (WiP)

Available in his shop are Passenger Car decals and what he calls "early wood boxcar" decals.

I have not yet, but I do plan on going back and getting Caboose #303 in the scheme with the large font present, but have not as of yet. I also presume he has done #18 in Orange, but cannot confirm that.

Also, there is a seller on eBay by the name of Mesatraffic that has decals for the Gruuman MoW truck, and I just put in a request for a sheet in 1:87 today.

There is also now a one off #304 Caboose kicking about Florida with ModernRails decals on it, sold that last week.

Hope this helps anyone else interested in collecting/ modeling the Arcade & Attica
  by CaptnRetro

AHM Arcade & Attica #14 with /most/ of my ARA 40 footers in the backdrop.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Nice job!
  by CaptnRetro
I thought I should mention that Bob K, of Delevan now has made at least two of the "Sunflower" scheme #112, ironically switching the hood texts and making the line work simple and not exactly accurate. Image
Image This reference was provided by James Murphy - "Mountcastle" on these forums.

Naturally I added an M-5 and flasher to this unit.
  by umtrr-author
Not models per se but there is a firm called "K4Decals" that makes sets for the powder blue A&A boxcars, in multiple scales from G to Z. Having just seen the boxcar painted ARA 510 at Williamsville Station, I might try my hand at creating one or two in N Scale. The Intermountain boxcar looks like a reasonable stand in, plus I have a few available.
  by Benjamin Maggi
There certainly are a lot of his decal sets on EBay!