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  by BSOR Patarak
This car was originally a Williamsport & North Branch #115. I am trying to locate a photograph of this combine before it arrived on the A&A in 1926. Anyone know of any?

Pat Connors

  by Aa3rt
Pat-I checked my copy of "Muncy Valley Lifeline-The Life and Times of the Williamsport and North Branch and Eagles Mere Railroads" by Thomas T. Taber III, published in 1972. I'm sorry to report that there are very few pictures of rolling stock in the book. There is one photo of combine #119 which is reported to be the last serviceable car on the road, originating on the Cumberland Valley.

You might try contacting the Williamsport and North Branch Historical Society. You can find their website at:


Incidentally, the W&NB made it's last run on Oct. 11, 1937 was sold to H.E. Salzberg & Co. with scrapping operations beginning on March 7, 1938.