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NJT Rail Forum - Rules and Regulations

Post by nick11a » Sat Dec 30, 2006 1:54 pm

In addition to the rules of the site, there are certain other rules that apply to this forum that have been the policy here for many years. While never having been written down, the moderators have enforced these. With a recent misunderstanding over this, I'm writing it down for all to see.

Please note well that in this forum, we protect the names of individuals who are not in the public eye and do not wish to be. For instance, you may feel free to call me by my name as I advertise it, but if another member does not advertise it and doesn't wish to have his/her name known to the public, please do not call him/her by that name in here.

In addition, we also try to protect the privacy of others who are not members of this site (including RR employees and buffs) so as to be friendly and courteous to them. Particuarly in regards to employees, information posted about an individual even though it may be done in the best of intentions can be used or twisted against them which as a result may jeapordize their career. Once again, this applies to those who are not in the public eye and do not wish to be. So for example, talking about George Warrington would be allowed as he is a public figure for NJT. Talking directly about the rear brake on Train 38XX on this date and time would not be allowed. If you feel you must talk about a certain event on a train or whatnot, please present the information an anonymous matter.

In regards to these matters, the moderators will moderate at their discretion to enforce this. We appreciate your co-operation and understanding in this matter.

More rules may be added here in the future if need be.
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Re: NJT Rail Forum - Rules and Regulations

Post by Otto Vondrak » Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:40 pm

Ammendment: November 25, 2009


Anyone posting a nonsensical, non-responsive, or non-sequitur type of comment will be warned and their post will be removed. Nonsensical posts include the posting of so-called "lolcat" images.

Please help advance conversations on this forum whenever you can. If you come across a post that somehow does not follow the spirit of the original post or seems to invite ridicule or other disruptive behavior, please alert a moderator or myself. Thank you.
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