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Re: New ballast on Piermont Branch in Suffern

Post by Butlershops »

JoeG wrote:I've noticed trackwork on the Piermont Branch in Suffern. Now, new ballast has been added.
Does anyone know if there are any new plans for this line?
According to the Metro-North/Norfolk Southern operating agreement of the Port Jervis Line, the Suffern Industrial has to be maintained by NS to FRA Class 1 track standards.

Why? I don't know.


Post by JoeG »

Does Metro North or NS own it?

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Post by andy »

I thought I read that while NS still owns the track, MN has signed a 99-year lease.

Where? I don't remember where I read it. Maybe the MNR boards here?


Post by JoeG »

Andy--that lease is for the line from Suffern to Port Jervis, which is supposed to be converted to an outright sale. I don't know if it includes the Piermont Branch (now known a Suffern Industrial). I t hought MN already owned the Piermont Branch, but I don't know for sure.

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Post by njt/mnrrbuff »

I think I know the reason why many people along the PVL are afraid of more freight traffic when the sidings are done. It is the Piermont branch running from Spring Valley to Suffern interchanging with the Main&Bergen. I will say this, the PVL tracks stop at a fence in Spring Valley. I believe NS has the rights on the other side, not transit.


Post by ericware »

Yes MN Does own it...

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Post by District D RTC »

Is this track still "intact"? I mean I know there were washouts, but is all of it there otherwise? eg: was any torn up or removed, perhaps when they did the Woodbine Train Prision reconstruction....?


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At one point, MetroNorth intended to replace the washed out bridge at Monsey. Local complaints delayed that, and I don't think they actually did the work.

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Post by wantsrail »

The rail was pulled up on all crossings Between Spoock Rd. in Tallman and Chestnut (?) St. in Spring Valley.

THe Rt 59 Overpass in Tallman was replaced, I don't think they replaced the tracks.

The original washout (about 3000 ft south of Rt59) is still there. It would not take much work to replace the bridge (a culvert) in a few days.

The track was there but impassable (walking) between Christmass Tree Rd. & S. Monsey Rd.

There is track between there and Saddle River Rd in Monsey.

From there the track has been pulled up through Monsey to Robert Pitt Dr.

The track was there but partial impassable (walking) from there to West Central Ave, and also on to Chestnut St in Spring Valley.

I walked the line from Suffren to Spring Valley a couple of years ago.
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any signs of potential shippers?

The last few customers were in the zone between Suffern and Airmont Road, I don't think there were any east (is that railroad direction officially east?) of there

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Post by Ken W2KB »

wantsrail, about how long are each of the sections with rail missing?
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Post by District D RTC »

MN owns the line, but it is presently used by NS for the local only. Under this agreement NS is required to do the maintenance until such time as MN may use it. Thus NS must have put down the new ballast to improve track conditions.

The line is NOT PASSABLE now, so all those who said equipment moves...check again. From what I have been told, the switch in Spring Valley was not renewed when they updated Woodbine, and my have been spiked closed.

I am now interested enough to explore the line (walk or drive). If anyone else is willing to join me we can set a date and a place, and hopefully find a safe place for our cars (well I guess that means Spring Valley is out of the Question.......)

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Piermont Branch

Post by Dougster »

I noticed yesterdat that the tracks seemed to be regraded in Suffern and a signal has been installed facing east just west of the grade crossing in Suffern near the old freight station.

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Post by SecaucusJunction »

The signal went up a few years ago... about the time the rumors first started for this line.

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The Monsey NIMBY are the toughest NIMBY around ?

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