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  by NeoArashi
Hello to everyone! Since the holidays are comming very quickly, I was wondering if any of you were planning on riding on a train (not specificaly, but preferably VIA rail trains)

I actually just booked a round trip from Quebec to Toronto with a friend. We are leaving in the morning of Janurary 13th (or not really during the holidays but close enough) and we will be returning on the Morning of Janurary the 17th. Something I did NOT tell my friend, is that I actually took the Toronto-Montreal via Ottawa train for the return trip, just to enjoy the train a couple (2, i beleive) hours more. We plan on staying at a youth hostel there (for cost' sake, though if budget allows me, I may book a room at a hotel) We will have 3 full days to spend there (as well as an evening, since we will be ariving in late afternoon of the 13th)

By the way, I booked using the massive discount VIA rail has started a few days ago. Our trip costs 100$ each! A very good deal considering usually, this round trip is at the very least 220$ (disreguarding taxes)

What's your plans?
  by timberley
As has been the norm for the last 7 years (since I moved to the Maritimes), my Christmas plans involve train travel to and from Ontario to visit family for the holidays. In fact, my first trip on the Ocean was a Christmas trip in 2007. Even with the lousy new 3/week schedule on the Ocean, I've still managed to line it up so I can ride the train both ways this year.

So I'll be doing Halifax-Montreal on VIA 15 (with connection on VIA 57 to Brockville) in a couple weeks time, and then returning after Christmas with an Ottawa-Montreal connection on VIA 54, then onwards back to Halifax on VIA 14. Thanks to VIA's awesome sales of late, I was also able to justify going in Sleeper Plus (Ren bedroom with meals included) both ways, and also got a great deal on Business Class for the Ott-Montreal #54. I'm hoping for one of the newly rebuilt LRC Business class cars. My ticket indicates seat "12s" and the consist is confirmed to be LRC, so that *should* mean the new cars (barring a change at the last minute...fingers crossed!).

I'm greatly looking forward to it. My favourite time to travel by train is around Christmas. So many people excited to be going home or to visit others, that festive mood in the air, and Christmas decorations in the stations and even on board the train (in the Ocean's lounge cars and diner). Central Station in Montreal is always a joy at this time of year. There's also something wonderful about the snow outside the window, and feeling warm and cozy on board the train while the frigid countryside flies by!

I travel on the Ocean frequently throughout the year, and there's still something that always feels weird about the summer trips when you can get off at the long stops and not have to grab your coat!