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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by Aa3rt
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I have been searching, thus far to no avail, for a photo of the former NYC (Originally Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Pittsburgh) depot in Youngsville (Warren County), PA. I'd also appreciate a little history of the depot if anyone has any.

I'm quite aware of the history of the line-it ran from Dunkirk, NY to Titusville, PA, with construction being completed sometime in the early 1870's. The line south of Warren, PA to Titusville was abandoned in the early 1960's with the rest of the line, with the exception of some industrial trackage around Warren, being abandoned after Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

More information here: http://www.wnyrails.org/railroads/davp/davp_home.htm

Supposedly this depot was on Oak Street in Youngsville and from 1902 through 1920 it also served the Youngsville & Sugar Grove Street Railway/Warren Traction Company/Panama Traction Company. This was a 12 mile line that was originally built with the intent of being electrified but never reached those goals before going to a sheriff's sale in the spring of 1920.

I should note that Youngsville was also served by the Pennsylvania Railroad-both lines maintained separate depots. While I've managed to find one vintage view of the PRR depot, images of the NYC depot remain elusive.
  by Ron S.

NYC employee timetables show an attended Manual Block Station (telegraph call NI) at Youngsville on 9/26/48...closed by the 9/30/51 issue. Good bet that it was located in the depot, although I doubt we'll ever be 100% certain.

  by Aa3rt
Thanks for the information Ron. A gentleman from the Dunkirk, NY area who is loosely modeling the DAV&P sent me an old blueprint or track diagram of the Youngsville depot printed in 1901, just prior to the construction of the Y&SG. There was a simple stub-end switch near the depot on the north side of the DAV&P tracks. I wonder how long the depot lasted?

Trying to find a photo of this station, complicated by the fact that I no longer reside int he area, seems to have turned into my personal version of the search for the Holy Grail.