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  by EJ&ESDM809
Yesterday I saw this interesting move in Bensenville. http://www.flickr.com/photos/eje665/855 ... hotostream

Note that the 117 is facing the incorrect direction (eastbound)! Also note Metra 5 second out, followed by a random cab car. Anyone have any explanations to why this move happened?
  by lstone19
There was a pedestrian fatality at Bensenville that morning. Perhaps they brought a cab car out for part of a follow-up investigation. What time was this? The incident was at about 7:40 with the line reopened around 9:30. If it was part of a follow-up, it had to have been after 10:00 as I was on the following train (spent 1.5 hours sitting at Wood Dale) and when things started moving again, we, AFAIK, followed the incident train into the city.

As for the wrong way facing locomotive, 117 is listed as a BNSF unit. Maybe it was dual-purpose move. Cab car for the accident investigation plus pick up or drop-off the F40 at Bensenville yard coming back from or going to refurbishment. It's quite normal to see F40s in Bensenville yard.
  by metraRI
Switch crew was most likely sent out to Bensenville to pick up 117 which was out for work. From what I heard, a minor derailment happened in Elgin so the 8500 was probably not allowed to run in service until being looked over. Instead of doing two separate moves, was just all bundled together.