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  by MikeF
MR77100 wrote:Wasn't that style of pantograph developed in Germany? Weren't all the 6000's on the Skokie Swift equipped with those in the late 80's?
I have no idea where the half-a-graph was developed, but it's been pretty standard equipment in America for 30 or 40 years. A handful of 1-50's had that type of pantograph, but most of the Skokie PCC equipment had bow-type trolley pans.

  by Tadman
With respect to voltage, CTA is 600 while ME/CSS is 1500. This means the pans are likely compatible from CTA to CSS, but not in reverse - reason being, to push the same amount of juice thru a 600v pan as a 1500v pan, the amperage must be doubled - therefore and conductors sized in relation to current needs (and not structural needs) are going to be twice the size on a 600v pan. As such, I bet you could install a CTA pan on a CSS MU without trouble in that respect. However, it may have a different footprint, requiring some new mounting plates or those goofy feet that CSS uses under their pans.