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  by kuzzel540

Metro North's strike contingency plan includes a temporary station at Yankee Stadium. Has Metro North ever serviced Yankee Stadium before?

  by DutchRailnut
nope but we built a temp station there during last strike tread, and removed it a week later.

  by LIRailfan79
why don't they build a permanent station at yankee stadium and use it the same way the LIRR uses the shea stadium stop?
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  by DutchRailnut
They will once Steinbrenner pays for it.
Why would non yankee fans have to pay for a station pretty much used by only one money making organisation.

  by LIRailfan79
doesn't that describe the LIRR shea stadium stop? its only used during baseball season.

  by DutchRailnut
Right so why make same mistake, let multi millionair Steinbrenner foot the bill, not the average New Yorker.
Who do you think will benefit the most of this stadium ????

  by RedSoxSuck
The problem is, if King George builds the station, then he loses money from the parking. It simply doens't make economic sense for him to do it. I think the only way he could be comvinved would be if the railroad charged a surcharge on tickets to the stadium and that money went to him...

  by Otto Vondrak
OKay you two, stop bickering. Ask the RAILROAD to build a permanent station, not Dutch.


  by Clean Cab
Actually, there are plans to build a station for Yankee Stadium once the new stadium opens in 2009. It was part of the multi million dollar deal between the city and the Yankees.

  by Nester
The MTA always intended on paying for it. There was money in the 2000-2004 Capital Budget for a Yankee Stadium stop, contingent upon NYC and the Yankees reaching a deal. It is also part of the deal for a new stadium.


  by pnaw10
According to WABC's website, the city's strike plan included a "Park & Ride" lot at Yankee Stadium, because normal car traffic would not be allowed below (96th?) Street in Manhattan.

I did notice where the Park & Ride Map said Yankee Stadium would be a Metro-North stop, but I thought it was just an error, or there would be some kind of shuttle to get people to Morris Heights. Now that I see the map you posted, it's all clear.

As for a permanent Yankee Stadium station, I believe funding for this was listed somewhere in the umpteen pages of the 2005 Transportation Bond Act. Since the statewide referendum was approved on Election Day, one would assume the project will definitely happen. The Hudson Line will be adding a stop at Yankee Stadium.

However, capecodlocoguy is probably right... the station may not be built until 2009.

Steinbrenner will likely benefit. But remember, so will MTA. If someone's using Metro-North to buy a Yankees ticket and see a game, they have to buy a Metro-North ticket first.

  by DutchRailnut
But since MNCR looses 30 cents on every dollar of revenue due to only a 70% farebox recovery, MNCR will loose money on a part-time station, no matter how many people jump on train after a game.

  by LIRailfan79
its too bad they can't build a spur right after the Melrose station to connect to Yankee Stadium (and the Hudson line), that way all of the branches could serve yankee stadium. that might make it a lot more conveinant for people to get to the game.

Well, since they lose 30 cents on every addt'l dollar of revenue, why ever add any service at all? since their losing money on it why did they add trains that left GCT even later at night, if anything they should be cutting as many trains as possible. maybe only have rush hour trains.

  by Otto Vondrak
Build a new branch from Melrose on the Harlem Line across the Bronx to Yankee Stadium on the Hudson Line? What are you talking about? A Yankee Stadium station on the Hudson is not restricted only to the Hudson Line. Currently, any train can operate off the Harlem/New Haven Line around the wye connector at MO and head up the Hudson Line. It's not a regular move, but it does happen. And the wye already has third rail. All you would need are crews that are qualified on more than one line (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

  by DutchRailnut
Harlem and New Haven crews are not required to go onto Hudson line or to go to High bridge. only Hudson and GCT crews are qualified.
For Harlem or New Haven crew it would probably concidered a days pay, due to no runs on two lines.