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  by F40CFan
Personally, I don't think so.

For one thing, the vestibule doors are manual, making it more difficult and a lot slower to move into the car with a bicycle. They would have to install electric doors like those on the 6000/7400/8400/8500 cars.

Secondly, I doubt if some trains would be able to have an extra car. With space at a premium on some rush-hour trains, ripping out seats woud diminish capacity.

Finally, rush-hour trains run on a close headway. The increased dwell time while bicyclists board/detrain would most likely be unacceptable.

Just my 2 cents.
  by MikeF
AmtrakFan wrote:Would ripping out 1 Lower Level Section of the 72/8200's be logical
No. Rush hour trains need to move the masses. Removing 50 seats is not the way to do that.

  by JamesT4
Metra trains are already jammed packed during rush hour, there is no way Metra would tear out seats for bike storages.

  by metrarider
First, I haven't ever seen a regular bike on a train at any time (realising they are currently banned on Rush hour trains) - so I'd question the wisdom of such a radical move given the apparent lack of demand.

Second, there are at least 2 regular commuters on my regular inbound train that use folding bikes, and ride the train with them folded into a bag size suitable for stowage on the overhead racks.

Third, there are delay issues and capacity that would make this move unpopular without mitigating factors