Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by DutchRailnut
Metro North ownes about 46 Comet V's Andybut only on west side of Hudson.

On east side of Hudson were not needing new cars and keeping entire fleet Bombardier is cheaper for parts.

  by Silverliner II
I did actually see a Metro-North cab car make it into Penn Station on a few occasions in NJ Transit service...

It was Comet III cab car #5179.

Comet III's 5179 and 5180 were lettered up for Metro-North (similar to the other WOH stock). Then, NJT got title to them outright (I don't know when) and they became the second NJT #5009 and 5010, respectively.

The original NJT 5009 and 5010 are Comet IV's and were renumbered to #5030 and 5031, respectively.

  by District D RTC
Rod Stewart must be an NJ Transit fan. Why else would he sing about broken Arrows?
Also, see the video for downtown train, and there's some Eric Clapton song both with scenes from Hoboken.

The NJT (MN) cab car formerly 5179 IIRC worked Trenton Service with the MN Markings intact both before and after the renumber. After the renumber it took about a month to catch up to it for the NJT markings, but it was routine to see it on one of the NYP-TRE Expresses during the PM Rush.[/quote]

  by Silverliner II
I've seen the Downtown Train video....actually, it was the Hoboken Terminal scenes that caught my eye. Now that song sticks in my head whenever I find myself on a train departing there....

  by KFRG
O/T a bit: How come MN never got CV's for its own East-of-Husdon service? I know they got all the old CI's and CII's, but never understood whey they didn't get some new CV's too for that side.
EOH Bomb's are refered to as the "Shoreliner" series, and mechanical differences exist. Same deal with other agency's Bomb's (Ex. MBTA, SEPTA, AMT etc.) WOH MN Bomb's are all NJT spec.
The topic of MN Comet's making it into Penn came across my mind recently. I wonder if there are any photo's out there.

  by BlockLine_4111
They need to get those speeds up a notch or so and shave off some time for those poor souls that make this train their 2nd home.

  by Lackawanna484
this is a line where increased speeds could make a huge difference. Below Tuxedo, there are too many crossings, back yards, etc. But, north of Tux, they could fire the power up to 100 mph. I don't believe there are any grade crossings on the Graham Line segment
  by R44 5308 A Train
MN Comet Vs are much smoother than NJT's...I've ridden both. :-)

  by DutchRailnut
must be lighter paint ??? they come off same assembly line in Hornell.

  by Silverliner II
DutchRailnut wrote:must be lighter paint ??? they come off same assembly line in Hornell.
Well, that striping on the bottom of the NJT Comet V's DOES add a few pounds.... :-D
  by braves
Has anyone heard of any changes planned for the Port Jervis Line come this April for trains during peak-off-peak & weekend, if so, what are the changes being proposed.
  by Butlershops
The speeds on the Port Jervis Line were increased today. Passenger trains now have a maximum speed of 70 MPH west of Middletown (They used to be 60). Woodbury Viaduct is now good for 55 MPH (was 45).

Now if we can only get an automatic signal between CP-Harriman and CP-Central Valley westbounds woudn't have to crawl at 40 MPH between these points.

The controlled siding between CP-OV and CP-Howels is still 40 MPH. (It was 60 when NS and Conrail ran the show)

  by sullivan1985
Last at grade crossing is immediately west of Tuxedo. There is defiantly potential for a high speed operation on this line. Long straightaways and wide curves. Plus that welded rail always helps.

  by Nyterider
I took a fan trip on this line last fall and it seemed to be entirely CWR west of Harriman now. Only the jointed rail between Suffern and Harriman remains to be replaced.

A related question: What's the prognosis for NS traffic on this line in the future? They've essentially sold the Port Jervis line to Metro-North. I just hope the Southern Tier between Port Jervis and Binghamton doesn't become an abandonment candidate. :( If I really need to post this under Norfolk Southern, just give me a holler.

  by JoeG
They seemed to have replaced the old signal lines. There hasn't been a signal outage in a long time. (They announced that project a while ago, but I didn't see anything about its completion.)
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