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  by PRRGuy
I'm sure most of you have heard about NICTD's up-coming wireless internet trials coming up soon. A 7 mile segment from Dune Park to Odgen Dunes will be the location of it.

Also, I first read about this in the Hammond Times

"South Shore may go wireless" anyone else catch that?

I seem to be the only one that thinks its a double meaning...lol

  by dinwitty
South Shore goes Maglev....

I presume computer users could connect while on the train?

with wirelss phones you can connect anywhere if you have some kind of dialup service

  by PRRGuy
Yes, I think you could connect on the train..for about 7 minutes anyways.

I also read that passengers without an internet provider could also get the service for a small fee.

  by dinwitty
prolly enough time to connect, shoot a short email and get off.