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  by srichardm
Is anyone familiar with whether or not it is acceptable to bring your own wine into the dining room on Canadian trains (specifically the Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver), and whether or not there is a corkage fee?
  by Ken V
I don't think you can bring your own wine into the dining car aboard VIA trains but I've never tried so I could be wrong.

The website says
Personal alcoholic drinks, i.e. ones that you did not buy on the train, may be consumed only in sleeping car cabins. Provincial laws forbid passengers from consuming personal alcoholic drinks elsewhere on the train.
  by Montrealrail
where allowed to bring our own soft drinks and food but not allowed to get our own alcool,even in the dining car or in the roomette..

where allowed to get the bottle,but not to open it..
  by marquisofmississauga
As VIA's Website says, you may bring your personal refreshment supplies into your "cabin." Thankfully, VIA openly permits this and does not search passenger's luggage - in the name of security - as the cheaper cruise lines do so they can confiscate the passengers' liquor and wine. In the days when the Canadian was a CPR train, it was possible to have a personal bottle of wine served in the diner if you got to know some of those splendid stewards. My wife and I and some friends used to do this by delivering the bottle (with a "thank you" wrapped around it) to the steward prior to dinner. By the 1970s, the CPR had stopped selling Champagne, but they still had the fancy glasses and a gorgeous silver bucket badged with "CPR" in script. One time the steward brought us the bucket with our bubbly in it to our table. Some other passengers saw this and said: "We would like to order Champagne as well." The steward discreetly explained that we brought our own and no-one seemed to mind. I can't imagine this sort of flexibility occurring these days.
  by AgentSkelly
I was actually not too long ago talking to about this same subject with regards to VIA and Amtrak's written policy.

My friend's experience with VIA Rail from the crew's mouth is that they will let someone who brings their own wine/beer/spirits slide as long as they are discrete about it and don't require to be thrown out on the platform for being a drunkard.