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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by CNJ Fan 4evr
I am trying to capture some W&W action on the former CNJ in south Jersey. I am a north Jersey guy that would have to travel 2+ hours one way. I am particularly interested in the Vineland to Bridgeton section and the Newfield branch. I am on vacation in late August and want to dedicate a day to this project. What days/times are the best ? From You Tube videos I have seen ,it appears the action is late afternoon/evening. Is this the norm ? Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED. :-)
  by Rustygunz60
I'd be interested as well. I'm just starting to railfan this area and stumbled on the old equipment stored along Railroad Ave, between Millville and Dividing Creek, near the Hanson sand pit. There were a few W&W hoppers on the track, but the old Alcos were what caught my eye! Anyone know the story with them? Being used, waiting for restoration or (gasp) scrapping?
  by Bracdude181
I’ve heard they run very early in the morning on weekdays. Around 7 AM but I don’t know where and what exactly they do.

Only advice I can give is to try this.

Have a scanner tuned their frequency and listen for them. If you hear them running, look for a nearby train. Broken up transmissions mean your getting colder, clear transmissions mean your getting closer.

I use this trick to find Raritan Central when they are running. Works ok.

Only other trains in the area are MI-61 and MI-21. Both are run by Conrail. MI-61 runs Sunday through Thursday and typically leaves Millville going north around 4:15 PM. MI-21 runs in the morning between Millville and Vineland but idk what they do or what days they run.
  by rrbluesman
While not the CNJ portion, I have encountered the W&W on the former WJ&S/PRR Cape May Branch south of Millville Yard but before Manumuskin Junction, where they store cars on and leading to the Leesburg Secondary Track from Manumuskin Junction to end of track at Port Elizabeth and, of course, on the the former WJ&S/PRR Cape May Branch between Menantico Wildlife Management Area/Wolf Crossing to end of track about a half mile south of Manumuskin Junction between 7:00am and 8:00am. I do not think they have a regular schedule south of Millville Yard at this time as there were no online customers. That said, the last time I dropped into Menantico WMA for a hike the W&W had pulled the WJ&S/PRSL era jointed rail and was installing new rail. I've never gotten a clear explanation as to why the W&W would do this for a branch with no on-line customers, but I did get speculation they were preparing for an online customer at or about Manumuskin Junction on the Cape May Branch or the Leesburg Secondary Track. I haven't been back down that way since early fall so I don't know where things stand at this point.

I know it's not on the CNJ, but if you dig photography of sand hoppers and tanker cars, or industrial relics once served by the PRSL and WJ&S, the hike south from Menantico WMA parking lot to Wolf Crossing isn't terrible and there are several nature paths that run parallel to the ROW. Just northeast of Wold Crossing is a variety of relics, foundations, etc parallel to the ROW that are walkable along existing roads and paths.

Interesting note, on the north side of the ROW is a stone obelisk which marks the Millville city border. It's a 19th century relic, but it looks complete.
  by pumpers
Does this mean there are no regular W&W sand trains any more?
  by Bracdude181
Isn’t the Cape May Branch under CMSL and not Winchester and Western?

And yes I’ve heard the sand pits out there have dried up but I’m not sure how true that is as I’m still seeing sand hoppers on the Millville transfer. Unless those are empties coming out of somewhere else.
  by Railcar1
Hi new member here. The way via Vineland and Millville was the PRR way to Cape May prior to the creation of the PRSL. The CMSL is on the former Reading way. Both lines met up at Woodbine and went south from there. This is covered in the PRSL history books.
  by Return to Reading Company Olney Sta
Bracdude181 wrote:Isn’t the Cape May Branch under CMSL and not Winchester and Western?
You’re thinking of the line from Winslow thru Tuckahoe to Cape May, which pre PRSL was the ACRR (RDG) line to Cape May.

The line referred to here is a remaining segment of the pre PRSL WJ&S (PRR) line to Cape May, which was abandoned in favor of the ACRR route in the PRSL merger.
  by Bracdude181
Is that the track that ran parallel back in the day? Forgot about it.
  by Railcar1
Bracdude181 wrote: Sat Feb 04, 2023 3:05 pm Is that the track that ran parallel back in the day? Forgot about it.
  by Bracdude181
Ahhh I gotcha. Forgot about that track.

Supposedly Winchester and Western has a train that comes out of Bridgeton which then runs south on the Vineland Secondary to Millville Monday to Friday. Sign on time is 6 am I believe.