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  by Tadman
Kind of ironic, CSX did everything the could to get rid of CSS in the early 80's, and now CSS wins the awards for best interchanging shortline and is stealing CSX power continually.

  by JLJ061
When else is CSS using CSX power? I always thought it was the other way around with CSS power going through Pine and Dolton on CSX trains.

  by byte
Is most of the CSS's traffic coal and steel? Seems like they could pick up some six-axle EMD power that would be more suited to it than the GP38-2s they're using now. Plenty of ex-class 1 SD40-2s floating around out there, looking for owners.

  by Tadman
Usually I see CSX AC's sitting at Miller, ready to take coalers down the CSS - however PRR's pics show it hauling a general freight rather than a coaler. And I agree CSX will steal CSS power for runs to Dolton as well, but that doesn't eliminate the irony that they tried to unload CSS as hard as possible, and now it's a "buddy" again. I guess its no real surprise, as money talks and BS walks. Big steel is kicking butt again, but it was hurting big time around the CSS sale in the early 80's.