• Why Was #18's Tender Jacked Up?

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  by hotairmenair
I've noticed in 1990s photos of #18 that its tender was jacked up toward the back--what was the purpose of this practice? It seems odd that it would need to be elevated since it seemingly mates properly with the loco. Did this practice have anything to do with water flow? Also, is #14's tender usually paired with #18? What has become of #18's tender?

  by BSOR Patarak
The tender of 14's received a truck changeout. This caused the slanting. I did see a later picture of 14 and it appeared to have the slight slant on that as well. I don't think it was intentional.

As for the tender from 18, it still 'remains' and is in bad shape. It would serve as no more than a pattern for a new one. It was a bit smaller than 14's.

Pat Connors