Discussion of Canadian Passenger Rail Services such as AMT (Montreal), Go Transit (Toronto), VIA Rail, and other Canadian Railways and Transit

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  by RussNelson
Trademarks, except for certain extremely well-known ones, like Coke or Pepsi, only apply to a limited domain. Linux is the name of a computer operating system, but it's also the name of a laundry soap (in the UK). Apple is the name of a record company, but it's also the name of a computer company. Different domains.
  by timberley
RussNelson is right on with this one. Additionally, I believe that VIA Rail's trademark is on the names VIA Rail and VIA Rail Canada, as well as their logo, and not simply the word "VIA".
  by Tadman
There's really no confusion here as to the supplier of the beverage. I wouldn't be surprised if the Starbucks and Via Rail attorneys met for a day regarding good feelings before the coffee itself was rolled out. That's the best way to head off an argument.
  by buddah
well it helps that the starucks VIA is written in straight bold lettering and the VIA rails is Slanted. What would be the kicker is for VIA rail to start offering the starbucks VIA brew on there trains.