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  by farmerjohn
I need to go from Old Town Sacramento leaving time at 10pm to Antioch.
This is 3 times a week. Wanted to see what options id have?.
Ive tried the transit trip planners with problems. I know Amtrak dosnt run as late and dosnt offer a thruway bus. Any way that this is possible?.
Id hate to drive it.

  by modorney
Here's some (not very pretty) options:

1. Take Greyhound to Stockton, then Amtrak to Antioch.

2. Take Amtrak (Cap Corridor) to Fairfield, bus to Pleasant Hill BART, then BART to Pittsburg, then bus to Antioch. The Fairfield-Pleasant Hill bus is commute times only.

3. Cap Corridor to Richmond BART, then BART to Pittsburg, then bus to Antioch. Good service from BART to Antioch (two dozen buses daily).

Any way you look at it, it's a long ride.