• Which CSX locomotives have ACSES PTC?

  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by type 7 3704
Which CSX engines have the ACSES PTC? My understanding is an ACSES-equipped leader is necessary on trains that run over certain passenger lines in the Northeast that use ACSES for PTC - for example, down the Hudson Line into NYC over Metro-North trackage, over the Northeast Corridor, and over MBTA-controlled trackage (e.g. on the B&A between Worcester and Framingham, and for Pan Am trains that run over MBTA territory between Ayer and Haverhill, such as M426 and M427).

My current understanding are the following have ACSES (as I've seen them lead on some of the trains above), but I've never seen a comprehensive list. Unlike NS and their SD60E's, CSX ACSES engines don't seem to be marked as such.

Some 6200-series GP38-2's and GP40-2's - these seem to be used for locals over these lines
Some 8000-series and 8800-series SD40-2s - these seem to be mostly used for locals, but have occasionally led road trains
Some 400-series CW44AH's, from roughly 464-487. These seem to be used to lead road trains like M426/M427 and M701/M704. 480 was rebuilt recently as a CM44AC and renumbered 7380, but it's unclear if it ever had ACSES.
SD40E3 #1712. My understanding is this locomotive's rebuild was funded by the state of New York and is mostly supposed to be used down there, but it's led M426/M427 into Maine recently.
F40PH #1 and #2 (this is only for the OCS executive train)

Are there others?
  by TheOneKEA
The RF&P Sub south of D.C. also uses (or used) PRR-style pulse code cab signaling, and may also be equipped for ACSES-style PTC, versus the other variants in CSX's cab signal territories. I found this thread on the forum which talks about 479 specifically, and this post in the thread which states that any CSX locomotive with plows notched for 3rd rail clearancing are ACSES-equipped.
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I think PRR-style pulse code cab signaling might be separate from ACSES, as the B&A uses it, and you have a lot more variety in leaders on the B&A west of Worcester (e.g. you see ES44AC and ES44DC leaders all the time, and I believe none of those have ACSES). East of Worcester it's almost always an AC4400CW between roughly 464 and 487, and you occasionally even see old SD40-2's leading M426/M427 just because they couldn't find another ACSES-equipped leader.