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  by railroadwife
My husband works for UP. He just finished training after a long furlough and just got marked up. It looks like he'll mostly be working the commuter extra board. His Metra uniforms fit terribly! His shirts are too small around the neck. One of his pants is cut for a woman, another pair is way too big. I searched the department stores for pants that looked like they match the color of the blazer and I can't find anything that is the same color blue. He says it doesn't matter if it isn't an exact match- but I think it does. I think he needs to look like he has authority, and having pants that don't look like uniform pants, in my opinion, is not a good thing, and having pants that are half falling down also is not a good thing. He got a phone number of someone to call, but I keep getting the run around. He's working so many hours, he doesn't have time to go down to the tailor shop in person, and even if he did have time, he doesn't remember where it was-- because he was issued these uniforms two years ago before the furlough. Where can I go to get him some uniforms-- quickly? He has one uniform that sorta fits. As soon as he comes home, I have to wash and iron it to get it ready to go, and I want him to have at least one extra uniform to fall back on. Please help, someone!
  by EricL
There ought to be a uniform shop somewhere within a reasonable area... there are a few of them up here in Milwaukee, even. These sorts of places mostly cater to police, postal workers, hospital workers, etc. but you can bet that they'll have white, collared, placket shirts and navy blue pants. Sorry to tell you, but your husband is basically correct in his statement that it doesn't have to be "exactly right". No one is going to know the difference, even management, unless it's REALLY obvious. Just remember not to buy cuffed pants; those are a no-no.

Of course, he can order uniforms right from the Company, but I'm guessing that Metra is just like Amtrak in that regard - order it now, and maybe it'll show up sometime next year if you're lucky.
  by byte
Try Kale Uniforms in Jefferson Park: http://www.kalechicago.com/

They do uniforms for the CTA and Pace, and if you bring the blazer you're sure to find a pair of pants and shirt to go with it. You can't buy anything with "CTA" on it, but that's OK because they sell the same shirts and pants without logos, which anyone can buy.

Edit: I know this because I'm a volunteer out at IRM and have an old Metra blazer that I use when "conducting." The pants I have to go with it are from Kale uniforms, and are basically the same shade of blue.
  by TrainManUPRR
He can just call and order a new uniform. The company will pay for it, too. You get one uniform set a year, I believe. Once I find the number I'll send you a PM.