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  by dc700
Fred G wrote:
JoeG wrote:If you want to run a steam locomotive, look at this. It was written up in Trains recently. I signed up for next spring.
Polish steam engine trip
That sounds really cool, but for those who want to operate a steam locomotive more locally, try the Valley RR in Essex, CT. Here's a link to their guest operator program: http://www.essexsteamtrain.com/throttle.html

My dad did it twice he , thought it was great.

  by the missing link
if your a member,danbury has a volunteer picnic day in september,where you get a turn at the throttle of what they have running then.i got to take the phizer sw-9(the "viagra" switcher) down and back.pete said i was a natural,i had a big ol' grin on that day fer sure

  by Dieter
I'm glad Fred G. brought up Essex. One thing about Essex though.....

At Essex, they will train you and certify you to run a Trolly, and it's with the hope/unwritten stipulation that you will return and "Pitch In" on weekends when people are needed, to drive the trolly with loads of tourists. Not a bad trade-off, and if my father was alive, he would really get off on having a Trolly Drivers Cert. in this day and age.

As for other places where you can drive a train, there was something bordering on the Exotic a few months back (within the past year) in TRAIN's Magazine that personally, I would love to do.

It was going to a place in WESTERN POLAND where for one week, you would be trained on steamers, with your tour climaxing with YOU driving a MAINLINE PASSENGER TRAIN. The equipment is pre-war German running on former Deutsche Reichbahn trackage in what used to be Pommerania.

The cost for this incredible opportunity is a mere US$1600.

There's at least two places in the UK where you can do something similar, but you aren't going to make a mainline run in a steamer at the tip of a passenger train.


  by DutchRailnut
Hmm Essex has Valley Steam Railroad , I think your confused with the Branford Trolley Museum or Warehouse point Trolley Museum.