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  by Rockingham Racer
I checked out the site. A couple of observations: a transfer station at Kensington does not seem to be part of the plan. If there were one, people would have a choice of dowtown stations as their destination.

I was also surprised to see how long the list of remaining tasks is. This project ain't happenin' too soon!

  by doepack
Rockingham Racer wrote:Why is it going to take that long to finish this project? Most of the infrastructure is already in place, correct?
Yes and no. Even though the trackage is physically in place, the required capacity improvements (i.e., signal upgrades, possible new interlockings, a small storage yard at Crete for Metra equipment, etc.) still need to be built, which of course requires funding. Compiling the information from various studies, getting the political support, lobbying for the subsidy, plus the construction itself can, when factored together, take quite awhile before trains actually start running...

  by Rockingham Racer
Yeah, I know. I was just a little surprised to see that the project isn't further along that it is. :(

  by metraRI
SWS construction started in late 2001, early 2002. In March of 2002 new signals were just going up between Ashburn and Chicago Ridge, however SWS was not fully completed with new signals until late 2005. Stations and parking lots are still under construction as we speak.. just shows how slow and lengthy the process is. All Orland Park stations, Palos Park and Laraway Road still have some sort of construction going on. 143rd and Laraway being the most major.

  by Tadman
I don't see anything really indicating CWI commuter service, but I don't know what line it came thru on - the B&O/MILW line is torn up at Glenwood, although downtown Glenwood is set up around UP/C&EI tracks like most chicago suburbs - indicating there was once a station there. The C&EI station in chicago heights is now a crew base for the CHTT/UP interchange yard at 26th street. Other than that, not much.

Keep in mind CHTT is closely held subsidiary, of UP and some local family. It is the most model-train-like of any railroad (credit for that observation to JD Santucci, and he's right) because the way it loops around to serve Bulkmatic, Ford, Sugar Steel (former thrall car) and others. Knowing Mr. Sugar, I'm surprised he hasn't propositioned Metra to store their trains at night in his yard, although most was torn up a few years ago - it's behind a guard shack in a protected area, and he's lookin to make a buck any way he can.