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  by Homo sapiens
When PC took over the NH, the 11 NH EF-4 ex-VGN freight electrics were sent to the PRR side, then shopped and repainted*. The work undoubtedly included: 1) addition of PRR-style cab signals with the speed control feature, 2) in-kind replacement of bad Ignitron rectifier tubes, 3) reactivation of dynamic brakes, 4) removal of 11 kV bus jumper between units, and 5) repainting into full PC black with white lettering, and nos. 4601-4610. My questions are:
1. By what route were the units sent south: carfloat, Selkirk, or Poughkeepsie? I don't think they would've fit into the tunnels.
2. About when were they sent, and when did they emerge from the(Wilmington?) shops?
3. When, and what, was the last electric freight train on the NH Region? (Keep in mind that while the takeover was on 1/1/69, IIRC most operational changes didn't take place until at least 2/2/69.)
4. NH 301 was wreck-damaged and not renumbered; NH 300 then became 4601 rather than 4600, obviously to create a contiguous 10-unit number block. Anybody know details of 301's wreck?

*excluding the cannibalized 312, the unrepainted "parts" unit

  by red baron
Can't help you a whole lot, but one thing I've never seen is a picture of one of the E33's operating in PC "patch paint" (NH colors with PC numbers) after 01/01/69. Even in former PRR territory. They must have headed down to Wilmington (or perhaps Harrisburg?) immediately after the merger. They came from the Virginian to the NH via Maybrook.
The wire to Bay Ridge was de-energized quickly. Somewhere I recall hearing from a NH veteran that the Cedar Hill - Bay Ridge electric operations ended within a few days of the merger.

  by JimBoylan
My one memory of the locos was seeing 4604 and 4606 as a pair of head end helpers on the Schuylkill Valley Branch! (sometime after 3/69) I thought they were E-44s with full pans.